Saturday, December 11, 2010


I'm finding that I'm having a hard time staying organized. And yes having an I Phone in January (Thank you Verizon and Apple) will help, but I can't rely on technology alone to bring some sense of order back into my life. I think I'm feeling especially scatter-brained for a couple of reasons:

1) Work: I work in an environment that performs in a what do we need to do today to get ready for tomorrow cycle and that doesn't always mesh well with my "let's plan next semester/ next year" mentality. The last few weeks have been especially challenging as we've been implementing a new university-wide process that has a direct impact on the success of my team's programs and events. Day to day...I'm just trying to figure out a) what's been done b) what needs to be done and c) what is everyone else doing.

2) Vacation + Illness makes for lost time: As my readers know, the whole lot of us caught some degree of cold (mine turned into strep) when we got home from our vacation. So I'm just now, two full weeks later, getting back into the swing of things. And as a result everything seems a little left undone (bills, laundry, thank you notes, christmas shopping, catching up with friends.) Everything's been on the back burner and is beginning to boil over at once.

3) Apathy: To be quite honest, other than hanging out with my boys I have passion for little else.Yes, at the heart of it I want to spend every free moment with Chris and the turtle. So at the end of the work day the last thing I want to do is "work" some more. I don't want to run, swim, shop, clean, iron. I'd much rather watch movies, eat dinner, play peek-a-boo, read stories and dance around the apartment in our pjs.

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