Saturday, December 18, 2010


The postman knocked on my door and delivered The Hunger Games Trilogy. During brunch the other day, I mentioned in passing that I wanted to read the books and my friend, in her typically generous style overheard, ordered and ta da, the books are in my house ready to read.

I often talk about my blessings: a smart, compassionate, and dangerously handsome husband. An amazing family. A good job in a shaky economy. And of course the turtle - my missing piece. But I sometimes fail to mention how truly incredible my friends are.

And see, friends never came really easy to me. I had to two best girlfriends when I was young. One in Junior High, and another in High School and both relationships went horribly sour. Those girls broke my heart much more than any boy ever did. In college, things were better and I'm still in touch with the girls I met as an undergrad. But even then...when I hear about cousins and colleagues, connecting with roommates and sorority sisters over cocktails and girls' nights out, I find that my experiences were and are radically different than the norm.

But coming to New York and surviving in New York, forced me to make connections. Real connections with women I could love and respect. Women that knew that I'm not a hang out every Saturday night kind of gal...but rather someone that wanted to constantly pick up where we last left off as if time never passed. And I found that. It didn't happen over night. It took me years really. But I have it now...and I really love my girls. They are smart, and ambitious, and successful, and funny, and gorgeous, and talented. And I am so lucky. Just down right lucky to have them in my life.

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