Thursday, December 2, 2010

mama's been sick and the turtle is too

I was hopeful that I would return from our full week on the Liberty of the Seas feeling well-rested and ready for the holiday season and upcoming work events. But unfortunately, I got on the ship with a minor cold  and got off the ship with Strep. So, here I am three full days post our homecoming, returning to work tired and overwhelmed.

And the worst part is I think the turtle is sick. Chris and I took shifts last night, keeping the little guy close, clearing his nasal passages, bouncing and cuddling him back to sleep when his congestion or coughing startled him awake. I did everything the doctor said. I washed my hands raw, walked around with antibacterial gel in my pocket. I even avoided kisses for two days (needless to say this was a near impossible feat) but the little guy's runny nose and crusty eyes make me think he has indeed caught some degree of his mama's illness.

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