Tuesday, December 28, 2010

nursing update

Nine and one-half months and I'm still nursing. We supplement during the day. My milk supply dwindled when I returned to work, and I could never produce enough to keep my little guy nourished while I was gone (note to expectant mothers - store, store, store during maternity leave). In any case, I nurse every morning and evening and then throughout the night on demand. Fortunately, the turtle transitions comfortably from bottle to breast.

We do expect that he's going through another growth spurt - how that's possible given how long he already is, I don't know - but a change in feeding schedule points in that direction. Yesterday he cried out for food (and as my readers know, the turtle isn't much of a crier) about every 2.5 hours. He also had a tough night - a lot of whimpering (could be teething), but he also woke twice at about 12:30 and again at 3:30. I nursed him back to sleep both times.

I am so pleased I have been as successful breastfeeding as I have been. It's been frustrating at times. I suffered from a lot of insecurity about my milk supply and some resentment when I returned to work. But all in all, I feel it's been a successful adventure. So, as originally planned, I expect to breastfeed mornings and nights for another 3 months (to his first birthday) and then if we're still both doing well; another 6. The joke is if they are old enough to "ask for it" it's time to stop. But that's an American bias. Truth is, womens' bodies are equipped to nurse their children for years and many do well into the second and third year. I won't go that long, but 18 months seems reasonable.

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