Friday, December 31, 2010

a year of grace

The year 2010 obviously brought with it significant change and revelation, but in the craziness of new parenthood, ever-evolving careers, not to mention the every-day I didn't necessarily start out the year with well-defined goals or intentions. And, in retrospect, it's a good thing as it's unlikely I would have been able to stick to much of anything. Just like my attempts at P90X, regular yoga practice, a daily swim, drinking more water and green tea, learning French and to play the guitar - larger goals would have been discarded or at least forgotten along the way. But a yoga instructor said something to me soon after the turtle was born, "9 months in/ 9 months out." Meaning it takes a woman the same amount of time to create life, as it does for her to rediscover her own life (and individuality) after the birth of her child.  And now, 9 months out, I think I understand what she meant. And I am, slowly, starting to find myself again - and I have been surprised to learn, at least I hope, that it is in fact a better version of me.

In any case, given this I think I can begin 2011 with more well-defined intentions. But rather than some kind of weight, fitness or learning goal I decided I wanted a year of something...but of what? A year of gratitude? A year of beauty? A year of contemplation? A year of simplicity? And after much consideration I have decided on A Year of Grace.

I don't fully understand what one means, hell what I mean, by the word grace...but I think it has something to do with gratitude, beauty, mercy, kindness, creativity and intention. I expect it has little to do with any one person's vision of God...though some may disagree. I do imagine it has a great deal to do with nature and human kind. In any case, I hope to find some form of grace every day in 2011.

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