Monday, January 10, 2011

3 days of play

Just coming off a 3-day weekend with the turtle. Chris began rehearsals for Barton Bishop's Up Up Down Down. So the turtle and I had extra hours of just mommy and me time. My dad asked while skyping the other day, "Is he your best buddy?" And yup, I think he is. The turtle and I are pretty good pals.

Some of the things we do during play time:

1. We listen to music. The turtle still loves music and now he responds to certain songs and sounds. He knows the difference between our wind-down music and our music at play. And he has started to dance. Sitting of course, but when certain things begin to play, he bounces up and down. He received Leap Frog's Scout for Christmas (thank you Gma and Gpa). And Scout sings a number of songs with the turtle's name = these songs are especially popular and can provide hours and hours of entertainment.

2. We play with a ball. Sitting across from each other we roll the ball back and forth. The turtle hasn't perfected the movement, but he's figured out that when the ball comes in contact with a part of his body (his arm, hand, knee, foot) it rolls back towards me. He gets a real kick out of the cause and effect.

3. We read. Aahh, but we do more than read. Some of his books have pictures that the turtle thinks are pretty funny. One book, has a little girl who appears to be dancing on the last page. So one day, after reading the story, I started to say, "Dancing girl, dancing girl, I am a dancing girl." As I moved the book around. The turtle laughed and laughed. And now, anytime we read that story, he gets anxious toward the end - anticipating the dancing girl.

4. We play trucks. Now keep in mind, we only have one truck, but that doesn't matter because everything can be rolled around on the floor like a truck.

Check out the clip below, for a beautiful representation of "play" in our home. The piece was shot by Canadian photojournalist, Francis Vachon. It's a time-lapsed video of his own 9 month old little boy at play.

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