Friday, January 21, 2011

bath time

One of my favorite time of the days is bath time. The turtle now bathes in the "big boy" tub. We just lay down a mat and fill it with maybe an inch and half of water. Once the bath is drawn, I usually change the turtle in his room and then run him to the bathroom screaming "Naked baby coming through! Naked baby coming through!" And of course, the turtle thinks this is hysterical.

Chris, as part of his ongoing baby-proofing efforts bought a faucet cover (in the shape of a whale), which means the turtle can bounce and splash as much as he wants without hurting his head. The turtle  has loved the water since the first time I bathed him in a bucket at a couple weeks old. Which means the 15 minutes of bath time is a  lot of fun. We sing songs (though I really must learn some bath time songs) and play with his toys until the water cools.

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