Saturday, January 15, 2011


The turtle is really starting to vocalize. And as I've said in past posts, Chris and I are working hard to keep up - trying to understand what certain words and sounds mean. And it's been a lot of fun. He clearly says, "Ba Ba" when he's hungry. And "Da Da" and "Ma Ma" are part of his repertoire, though I'm still not convinced these are sounds he's associating with me and Chris. That said, there is one word that he is clearly associating with something or rather someone specific. "Bob." Twice now, we've flipped on MSNBC to watch the Rachel Maddow Show. And at her appearance, the turtle screams, "Bob!" and then spends the next twenty minutes offering comments on her commentary. We have no idea why he calls Maddow "Bob" only that she does make a regular appearance in our living room- Chris and I are huge fans - and our little guy is obviously a fan too. But the name remains a mystery.

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