Tuesday, January 11, 2011

music class

Chris and the turtle took their first "music class" today. It's in quotes because of course the turtle isn't learning to play music at 10 months - no we're not those parents. But rather they go to a class where they sing, and dance, and play various instruments (shakers, tambourines, drums etc.) I wasn't sure what Chris would think. He is, after all a musician himself, and I wondered if he would  think, "Well I play the guitar during play time at home." But he was the one to realize that the turtle needed to spend more time with other kids. Even so, I worried that the music class was the right forum. But, he loved it. They both did.

The class, Music for Aardvarks and Other Mammals - part of Music for Manhattan, seems to be a riot. The songs are very New York centric (Taxi, Subway and Bagel). There's even a song called Miami Grammy - which though the turtle's "grammies" don't live in Florida, the song certainly touches upon a common New York stereotype.

There were also other daddies in the class -  a sigh of relief. Not that Chris couldn't hang with a bunch of nannies and mommies, but in the end my guy is a guy's guy. So I was glad to hear he wasn't the odd man out.

So I guess the next ten weeks or so are going to be all about Music for Aardvarks. Fortunately the boys brought home a CD, so I can learn the songs too.

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