Thursday, January 13, 2011


The turtle is developing a bit of a personality.

He's affectionate. Even while awake, he is often content just sitting in our laps or snuggling up next to us on the couch. He also loves to give kisses, touch our faces, and pat (sometimes a little too hard) our chests and shoulders.

He's inquisitive. I've started calling him our little engineer, because he seems genuinely interested in how things work. For example, during Tuesday's music class all the children were given tambourines, and most of them instantly began shaking or tapping them. But Chris said the turtle spent the longest time just exploring the instrument itself; looking at it, feeling it's different components. 

He's a story-teller (like his daddy). He is full of information at the end of the day. And he and I have drawn-out conversations on the changing table and in bed while we wind down for the night. I'm really working on trying to associate his words with certain objects or actions so I can better understand his needs.

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