Sunday, January 23, 2011


Despite the cold we decided to get out of the house yesterday afternoon. After all, it was Saturday, the sun was out and Chris hadn't been called into rehearsals. We bundled up the turtle in typical fashion - onesie, long sleeve t-shirt, socks, leggings, booties, pants, fleece, gloves, parka, hat - and strapped him to my back for our outing. We went to Cafe Bar for something to eat. The turtle sat in a high chair and nibbled on pieces of my ham, brie and apple omelet and gummed pieces of bread.

At the next table was a group of young professors from Manhattan College, drinking mimosas and celebrating a pair's recent engagement. At some point, the turtle caught on to the activity and began playing peek-a-boo with the diners.

After lunch, we went the grocery store. Chris and the turtle do most of the shopping and Chris has commented on our little guy's fascination with the colors and textures in the bins and on the shelves. But after such a playful hour, he was worn out and quickly fell asleep in his carrier.

I told Chris when we moved to Queens that I wanted to be in a neighborhood where I would never have to leave during the weekend. And we've found that. It has its disadvantages of course...we haven't been to our church (which is located on the Upper West Side) in a couple of weeks. It's a 40 minute commute; there's just one morning service; and it falls right smack in the middle of the turtle's nap. But even so, I love that everything else we could want or need, except a grandparent, is within walking distance of our home.

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