Saturday, January 8, 2011


We need to work on the concept of sharing. The turtle and I went to our yoga class yesterday. It was the first time we had been since late October or early November. It's on Friday afternoons which isn't easy for this working mom. 

At the beginning of class, the turtle was a little cautious. It's the first time he'd been with other kids since he began crawling. And I wondered if he would even venture off our mat. He's an interesting kid. Though he's easily distracted, he's also pretty content sitting in one spot with a book or a toy especially if there are other people around. 

But before I knew it the turtle had his eye on a toy (a clear ring filled with multi-colored balls). The problem was, the toy was in the hands of a little girl  across the room and the turtle got on all fours, booked it across the floor, and had confiscated the ring. He had taken it right out from under the little girl. Of course I intervened, returned the ring, and gave the turtle a different toy. I said something about sharing and being gentle.

A few minutes later, a little boy had the turtle's Squishy Turtle book in his mouth. Well, my little guy was not happy. He's quite protective about his books (is he his mama and daddy's boy or what?) And before I knew it, he had crawled over to the little boy and a tug-a-war had began. Again, I intervened with my gentle sharing comments.

Truth is, I'm delighted that he's interacting with the other kids. And at 9 1/2 months I recognize that his world is pretty contained. He responds primarily to his own wants and needs. All the more reason to practice sharing.

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