Friday, January 28, 2011

snow day

Yesterday was my first "snow day" in years. Schools were never closed in Utah. In fact I remember one year, hiking from Chris' and my first apartment to campus in a blizzard. Despite the 4-wheel drive, I couldn't get my car out of it's parking space. We have a picture from that blizzard; Chris' truck is unrecognizable - just one giant mound of powder. Even so, no snow day.

So yesterday, when I checked the college's website and saw that we were closed, I felt a little like a 10-year old. And trying not to think about what today (the first day of classes; one of the busiest days in my area) would bring, I looked forward to the whole afternoon with my turtle.

And it couldn't have come at a better time. Chris and R are still working and I think they appreciated the impromptu child-care. The turtle and I went for a long walk then spent the rest of the day in his room, playing and singing and napping.

And yes...the blizzard brought one more thing in its wake...a tooth! That's right the turtle has a tooth.

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