Monday, January 24, 2011

writers at work

Our friend and Chris' writing partner (R) arrives in town tomorrow. He lives and works in Paris, which means most of their meetings occur via phone and Skype and it's only a few times a year they actually get to work side by side. They're currently in pre-production for their latest project and first full-length script (very exciting). So in typical fashion, they will write for the next 48 hours in preparation for a read-through on Sunday.

I love these days. Macs facing, coffee brewing, ideas flowing - the air is thick with energy and anticipation. It's easy to forget that Chris who travels with a baby sling around his chest and a burp rag in his pocket, is actually a hard-working and remarkably talented artist. And its during these few days where all of my boys; Chris, R and the turtle, are huddling around my kitchen table that I get a beautiful reminder of why I adore my life.

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