Thursday, February 3, 2011

at work with daddy or john-boy loves my baby

Chris' show opens tonight. Tech rehearsal was yesterday. When Chris was cast, he explained to the producers that he was a stay-at-home dad and that all-day tech rehearsals would be an issue. They said, "no problem!" and asked that he bring the baby along. Meaning the turtle spent all day yesterday at the theater with daddy.

We planned the baby swap for 5:30. I had to leave the office right at 5:00, jump on the 6 train and get downtown in 30 minutes. Fortunately the commuting gods were on my side and I made it to the theater in plenty of time. As I was walking up the four flights of stairs (seriously who puts a theater in a four-floor walk-up?), I could hear my little guy's coos and gurgles 10 steps up. "Oh dear" I thought, "the producers might be second-guessing their decision." But as I walked into the lobby and saw the turtle sitting in a sea of toys surrounded by loving faces I knew right away he had been a hit. And Chris confirmed it. He said that everyone enjoyed having the turtle on set and despite one major meltdown, he had been an absolute angel.

Even Richard Thomas (John-Boy from the The Waltons) stopped by to say, "Hi." He's rehearsing Timon of Athens in the theater space next door, and must have followed my baby's laughs down the hallway. Which just proves that daddy's job is considerably more glamorous than mommy's.

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