Friday, February 11, 2011

oranges on my doorstep

A box full of oranges showed up at our house yesterday. Chris' Aunt M has orange and lemon trees in her backyard and this year obviously had enough to share. And there's something really wonderful about knowing the actual source of your food. Even beautiful when you know that the food was made or harvested with loving hands.

I asked Chris, "Do you think we'll ever have orange trees?" He laughed and said that it was unlikely we'd ever live somewhere warm enough; but maybe apples or cherries. My great-grandmother had a cherry tree. It was like a giant, stretching its branches across her entire yard. And, the cherries were almost black but full or blood-red juice and meat.

Again, the desire to have access to real food from simple, whole, chemical and process free sources is real. And I would love to have just a little patch of ground where I could plant herbs, and tomatoes, and strawberries. In the mean time, we are thinking about either joining a coop or buying produce from a place that buys bulk, in season, and from local farmers; a place like Urban Organic. It might also force us to cook in season...something easy to forget when practically everything is accessible if you're willing to pay the price and care little about the fuel and resources it took to get the food to your table.

It's strange because these weren't really things I thought a lot about before the birth of my son. Sure, I was careful about high fructose corn syrup and ground beef, but I didn't think a lot about how my food got from the farm, orchard or ranch to my kitchen. I didn't care if my apples were from upstate New York or Peru. And I never wondered why I was able to eat cantaloupe in February.

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