Thursday, February 24, 2011

paper-free kitchen

I recently came across the posting How to Create a Paperless Kitchen and I must admit that the article tickled me, because Chris and I have had a paper-free kitchen for almost two years. At first, it seemed a little far-fetched. I mean how does one really function without napkins, paper-towels and the like. But once we committed to the venture, the transition was really quite simple.

I suppose we started with paper-towels. It had always been a rare occasion that we bought paper-towels. Either because we were frugal, or because we had so little pantry space, they just rarely ended up on our shopping list.We always used dish towels; setting aside a couple of grubby options for the especially nasty clean-ups like bacon grease and cat vomit.

Eliminating paper napkins was a more intentional decision. After a couple of discussions about ways to decrease our environmental footprint, we hit sales at Target, IKEA, and West Elm and picked up a couple dozen cloth napkins. When a dear friend spent the holidays in Vietnam and returned with a small basket of lovely silk pieces saying how impressed she had been by our decision, I knew we had made the right choice. And to be honest I don't miss the alternative. Truth is we often use one napkin meal after meal; only tossing it in the hamper after a couple of uses.

I have a hard time wrapping my brain around how to create an all together paperless home. We recycle. But our apartment is far from green. It's cluttered with magazines, newsprint, and old scripts. And let me be frank...a paperless bathroom is not an option. Ever. But a paper-free kitchen is a start. A start to which my little family is quite committed.

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