Sunday, February 27, 2011

sharing turtle treats

A couple of days ago, my folks found a puff on the floor and thought of the turtle. Well of course they did, because my little guy is crazy about his puffs. What I'm talking about are Happy Baby's Premium Organic Puffs. They're a great alternative to cheerios (not that I'm anti-cheerios; that would be down-right un-American) puffs are just another baby-friendly option. Not to mention I love supporting that Happy Family/Happy Baby brand.

While we were visiting last week, my mom bought a great little container for puffs and other "turtle treats." It reminds me of the money purse that my great grand-father gave me as a little girl. The top is soft plastic, almost like a silicone, and it's slit six ways - just big and flexible enough for the turtle to get his hand in but tight enough to keep treats from falling out. Well, hypothetically. Of course my turtle has decided that the best way to get to his puffs is to put his hand inside, tip the whole container upside down and shake until half a dozen treats end up on the floor.

The grand puff discovery has also helped us practice sharing and , in fact, for the first time yesterday morning, the turtle intentionally shared. He had a puff in his hand and I asked, "Can mommy have a puff?" and he reached over and put it in my mouth. I thought my heart would break into a million pieces. I called Chris over and asked, "Can daddy have a puff?" And the turtle thrilled to be playing a new game, put a puff in Chris' mouth (well he actually missed Chris' mouth by a hair, but the intention was right on par.)

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