Thursday, February 24, 2011

sexy mama

Over the last year I have felt a lot of things: content, complete, satisfied, blessed but rarely have a I felt beautiful. It's amazing how easily one forgets to care for themselves while caring for others. Now that's not to say I've been trolling the streets of NYC looking like a wildebeest, but I do spend my weekends in yoga pants, forgo makeup more often than not, and my hair is crying out for just a bit of style. So needless to say I wasn't feeling confident about my first foray into the S Factor.

Even so, my super sexy friend J has been an S Factor regular for over a year. And she's been trying to get L and me to join her almost as long. So finally last night we took the plunge and the three of us participated in the two hour Intro with Samantha. And can I just say how powerful and sultry and downright beautiful I felt. Not to mention, I had a helluva lot of fun. We walked, we swayed, we strutted our stuff. And yes, we even did a pole trick or two (I think I'll keep my day job). Thanks J! This sexy mama loves ya.

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  1. Yay Ang! You were fantastic and I'm SO glad you came and felt so good!