Thursday, February 10, 2011

today's post is brought to you by the letter "p"

The turtle is exploring sound. And this week's favorite sound is a hard p. I think it's because Chris calls the turtle's nails - which grow at lightning speed - his "pincers of power". The turtle makes such a fuss when we cut them, that you would honestly think we were indeed stripping our little guy of his power. In any case, the "p" sound has made an impression and last night for a good two hours, he traveled around the apartment saying "puh. puh. puh."

This morning, after breakfast, we stood together in the full length mirror and I ran through every one syllable "p" word I could muster. Pear. Pack. Poop. Pounce. We also worked on "Pops" for a while. It's what I call my dad and I'm quite certain grandpa would be over the moon with delight if Pops was one the turtle's first words.

So I'm now thinking that this is a great way to spend our time out and about. If each day we play with a particular letter or sound, we can make a game of it. How fun to go through the neighborhood and identify everything that starts with an "m" or a "b" or a "c."

It's likely that we'll red-shirt the turtle and not send him to kindergarten until he's six (to be discussed in a later post) but if we choose to do so, because we have the luxury to do so (i.e. a fully engaged stay-at-home parent), then we'll need to constantly find ways to educate our little guy in an active and fully visceral manner such as having today brought to us by the letter "p."

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