Wednesday, March 9, 2011

breastfeeding: the final chapter

The turtle is fully weaned. It happened sooner than I had hoped. I was aiming to continue night nursing until 18 months, but as my work schedule became more erratic (evening events are a killer) and the turtle's diet varied; my supply weakened and the turtle's interest waned.

I'm a little blue. I shouldn't be. I almost hit the one-year mark which is 12 months longer than I expected. I was told that given my medical history it was highly unlikely I could breastfeed. So that first sign of milk was a triumph - and each time since has been a personal victory. All that said, I took my success for granted.

So be it. On to new things. And, fortunately meal time is a hoot at our house. Every day, the turtle is exposed to new foods. He loves lasagna, udon noodles, bananas and oatmeal with raspberries. He's fond of carrots, broccoli and peas. He's not a fan of cauliflower.

Still no sugar. But a first is around the corner; cake on his birthday.

As expected, mealtime has brought my family closer. Each night we sit around the dinner table and catch up. I vent. Chris fills me in on his and the turtle's adventures. We talk about Chris' script, my book, and what movies we'd like to watch over the weekend. And of course the turtle pitches in with his high-pitched screams and "puh puh puhs." So even in the light of my already changed role as a mother - I continue to have a thousand reasons (or at least two really wonderful reasons: Chris and the turtle) to smile.

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