Thursday, March 24, 2011


Though Chris is a stay-at-home dad, and an amazing one at that, I do like to think that we are in fact co-parenting our child. After all, we both juggle family and careers. It just happens that right now my career is the more steady and predictable of the two. In any case, co-parenting is really how we're making this thing work.

Perfect example. On Monday I got a call around 4:45pm. Chris and the turtle had gone to pick up a prescription for our sick cat. On the way home, the turtle began to fuss. He had fallen asleep on the way to the vet - a trip which took longer than expected - and  he woke up starving. In an effort to avert a major meltdown, Chris and the turtle stopped at one of our favorite Greek pastry shops (of which there are many in our neighborhood) where the turtle could eat and Chris could enjoy a cup of coffee. I was called at 4:45 so I could meet them after work at said pastry shop, rather than at home. I also had a cup of coffee before taking the turtle and cat's prescription from Chris who was on his way to our friends' apartment. Said friends were on their honeymoon and we were watering their plants and feeding their cat while they were away.

The point is - parenting is a team effort, at least in our home. We're constantly comparing calendars and discussing dates. "I've been invited to present in so and so's class, would Monday or Wednesday night be better?" "Staged reading next week - can I swing it?" "The girls want to go to brunch - what's our plan this weekend?" "What day shall we meet the turtle's friends at the zoo?" Fortunately, Chris and I have always been a good team.

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