Saturday, March 12, 2011

pulling and standing

The turtle has been standing, supported, for a number of weeks. He can even hang out for a couple of seconds without help. But what he hadn't done was pull himself up. The turtle is a tall boy, obviously taking after his daddy, and most everything he could ever want is an arm's reach away from a sitting or kneeling position. Even the furniture that might encourage pulling (the couch, the ottoman, the bench) are at a height that he's been able to use from his knees.

We weren't concerned. The turtle was a late crawler - but once he began crawling he did so with gusto and almost perfect form. And we've decided that we're not going to be those parents that sweat over each milestone. But, of course we wondered, what would finally motivate our little guy to pull himself up?

So, last night, Chris and I were watching HGTV (our new obsession). Chris was on the couch with his feet up on the ottoman. I was sitting on the floor next to the turtle who was playing with a toy behind the ottoman. And quite unexpectedly, the turtle stood up so he could check out what we were watching. Though normally he could have just peered over the ottoman, his daddy's feet were in the way. He then reached across the divide, grabbed the couch, pivoted and cruised for a few minutes before going back to his toy.

Chris and I applauded, saying what a good, smart, hard-working boy he was. Of course, he had no idea what the fan fare was about. Probably thinking, "I've been able to do this for weeks, I just haven't had any reason to."

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