Tuesday, March 1, 2011

savings, budgets and goals...oh my

Chris and I have gotten serious about our finances. We've always covered the basics: food, rent, tuition clothes, travel, insurance etc. And even when we were piss-poor: I'm thinking the summer of 2001 fresh on to the streets of Manhattan with little more than a couple of degrees and a dream. Yes, even then we didn't over-spend. That said we've never really watched where our money was going.

That has changed. Not only do we have the turtle but some very well-defined financial goals. So it's time to monitor our spending, track our savings, and outline our long-term plans. Fortunately, we found great online resources that help us categorize all of our incoming and outgoing funds right down to that $5 Starbucks I thought I deserved after a hard commute.

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