Tuesday, March 29, 2011

tale of a sick kitty

It's been a challenging month. First, there was the turtle's surgery, then Chris' emergency scare, and then our beloved cat of fifteen years' sudden paralysis. My, just listing the three one after the other wears me out!

I wrote about the turtle's surgery in a previous post. And Chris' scare, well I think I'm still recovering from that harrowing night, but the cat's illness has been, by far, the most heartbreaking of events. About a week ago, the cat jumped off my lap to get some water and somewhere between the couch and the water bowl, she loss complete use of her front legs and tumbled head first into the floor. I was certain she had had a stroke. Chris and I sat up with her all night, taking turns lying on  the floor where she had fallen to make sure she continued breathing. The next morning we took her to the vet who guessed that she had suffered a spinal chord injury; common in older cats whose bones have become brittle. He recommended she go through a series of tests for a definitive diagnosis, but thankfully didn't push us when we said we just couldn't watch her go through that.  Instead he sent us home with an IV, some steroids and an antibiotic and for the last week, we have begun each day, administering her medication.

The good news, is we are seeing grand improvements. Over the last few days she has gone from a forward scoot to a shaky walk. And she's lifting her head and even made her way into the litter last night. We go back to the vet this evening, but we're expecting he'll be impressed with her speedy recovery.

This time last week, I thought we wouldn't be bringing her home, so knowing we'll likely have more time with our precious girl is a wonderful gift.

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