Friday, March 11, 2011

weaning: the downside

The past three or four days I haven't been myself. I've been moody and horribly nauseous. And, Wednesday night, I couldn't sleep. So, after driving myself crazy trying to figure out what was wrong - I thought "Aha, I haven't breastfed in over a week, my hormones are likely a mess so of course I feel crappy."

This is the thing, I felt great during my pregnancy. Sure I was tired  but my spirits were up and I didn't suffer one migraine in nine months. And I've felt pretty good this entire year. I was a little blue on occasion, but never what I would call depressed. My energy has been high. My headaches have been few. And, I've been in a pretty constant state of bliss. And, I now realize that  a fair amount of this was an added benefit to breastfeeding.

So I'm looking for help. Any special concoctions to help even things out? Recommendations are welcome.


  1. When I was weaning Augs I started taking SAM-E, and that helped me a lot. Good luck, and Way To Go on nursing as long as you did!

  2. I used Maca Root Powder.

    Though, I think it's just a matter of waiting for your body to adjust.

    Hang in there!