Monday, March 7, 2011

what's ahead

It's amazing what a weekend at home can do. In two days time I feel like Chris and I have completely shifted our focus toward positive thought, action and results. Don't get me wrong, we've always been optimistic people, but it just seems like the stars aligned - we had been watching important documentaries, reading interesting books and articles, and had fascinating discussions and then suddenly things clicked and we had a clear sense of where we want to go and what we want to accomplish next.

It reminds me of our decision to move to New York. I've told the story before, but in case you missed it. Chris and I were living in an attic apartment in Salt Lake City. We had a drafting table tucked into the alcove of our bedroom. On it was a large, desk size calendar. We had been talking about leaving Utah for months. It was clearly our "next step" and necessary for both Chris and I to reach our professional goals. But it wasn't until we both leaned over that calendar and circled a date, May 5, with a magic marker that the goal became a reality. Now keep in mind that May 5 was still months away, but just knowing it was there propelled us to take action. Chris began networking with friends and colleagues in the New York theatre scene; I wrapped up my graduate research, and started sending out resumes; we sold cars, drum-sets and furniture. And by the time May rolled around we were set.

We "visualized" our future. We saw ourselves get into a UHaul, driving across country, and landing feet first on the spot we were meant to be. And that image became a reality.

The same thing happened with the turtle. After years of wondering when would be the "right time" to start a family we just said, "This is what we want. Let's make it happen." And it did. 

So, it's time to do it again. It's time to anticipate what's ahead; to focus on the positive; and to state what we want. I am so grateful for the life that god, nature, the universe has provided - and I look forward to what she still has in store.

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