Monday, April 18, 2011

baby-body blues

One year out and though I've lost all the weight, I don't quite recognize myself in the mirror. While breastfeeding, I carried a few extra pounds, but they were in the "right" places. No more.

Really it's my skin that has taken a beating. I just don't think I have the same elasticity in my late thirties as someone ten years younger and even as everything else bounces back, my skin just can't seem to catch up. And I'm not sure how to address it. My issue is time. With the exception of a few moments in the morning, I rarely have time to myself. I'm "on" all day at work. On for my students, my team, my boss, my colleagues. I have an open door policy - meaning I anticipate and welcome interruptions as part of my job. I'm "on" during my commute. I have to be acutely aware of everything around me. I need to snake my way through the crowds, take a firm stance on the platform and not let people push me around. It was easier when I would wait 35 minutes to beat the rush hour, but an extra 35 minutes with my boys is worth its weight in gold.

When I get home, I try (sometimes unsuccessfully) to turn my attention to Chris and the turtle. Fortunately I don't have to come home and cook - Chris always has something in the works before I walk in the door - but I do take on the turtle's evening routine: bath, stories and bedtime. And by the time he's down around 8:30 I'm exhausted; wanting nothing more than to curl up next to Chris, read or watch a little television, before going to bed. 

But I do have the mornings and currently find the time to write and get in about 20 minutes of yoga. I've been thinking about trying P90X again, but I just don't know that a 90 minute workout is realistic. That said, I've got to figure something out. Suggestions welcomed.

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  1. Suggestions for fitness? Lower your standards. :) You're probably not going to find 90 minutes to just work out. But maybe you can find an hour twice during the week, and then an hour or more of walking/dancing/yoga/chasing small boys on Saturday and Sunday.

    As for the stomach - just wait. I thought my stomach was never going to recover after Sebastian was born - it was funny looking and crinkly and poochy and stretch-marked - but after about 18 months it had finally returned to its former look. I was delighted.

    Of course, everyone tells me that it's the second baby that your body never recovers from, so who knows what will happen now.