Tuesday, April 26, 2011

best when served with milk and smiles

The turtle goes crazy for Earth's Best Organic Letter of the Day Cookies. In fact we have a whole game designed around them. At the end of dinner, before bathtime, the turtle hangs out in his high chair while Chris and I clear the table and clean the kitchen. Then one of us goes into the pantry and jumps out with the box of cookies in hand. The turtle squeals in delight.

Chris told me yesterday that the turtle cried through his lunch. Now this came as a surprise first because the turtle loves to eat and second because he was having one of his favorite meals (scrambled eggs and toast). *Side note: we often eat breakfast for lunch and dinner. We're more of a yogurt and oatmeal for breakfast kinda  family.* So last night after a dinner of mesclun salad, salmon and fingerling potatoes, of which the turtle ate everything but the salad -we substituted the mesclun for raw mushrooms and hummus which my little guy ate with reserved enthusiasm - I surprised the turtle with a Letter of the Day Cookie (vanilla flavor) and a sippy cup. And I said, "These cookies are best served with milk and smiles." Fortunately, my turtle had both with dessert last night.

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