Wednesday, April 20, 2011

eleven o'clock playtime

Last night, as I was watching the final minutes of Pregnant in Heels - a train wreck of a reality show that I really must address in a later post - my little guy began to cry. He's been falling asleep consistently between 8:00 and 8:30 for a few weeks now. And, as I've said before we have a very predictable evening routine which is working great. All that said, Chris and I are still attachment parents, and our philosophy is, "if he's crying he needs or wants something." Especially true when crying is far from the norm. So we waited a few minutes, to see if he had just startled himself. If so, it was likely he would fall back asleep. Not the case. His cry became more frantic. So, I went into the nursery, rocked him for a few minutes - but he just wasn't having any of it. He had stopped crying but was babbling up a storm and obviously wanting to play.

Unfortunately, this was not the night to throw off our routine. I'm leaving the house in about an hour to host over 100 students and their families - in the first of a summer long event cycle. Not only that but at about 1:00 yesterday, I was made aware of a new initiative that had direct impact on when and how I shared information with my attendees. This made an already very stressful situation- much worse. And the thought of handling all of this today without enough sleep. Well the anxiety began to build almost immediately.

That's when my rockstar husband swooped in. He entertained the turtle and got him back to sleep while I got some much needed rest. Thanks babe.

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