Monday, April 25, 2011

reasons i've been remiss

I've been remiss. I realize that. Of course I'm not so unrealistic to think that people are logging onto The Actor's Wife first thing every morning to see what wonderful things I have to say. But I do realize that I have a few followers (mainly friends and family) who come to the site to hear the latest "turtle news" and I haven't been great about updates.

The problem is I'm having a tough time doing it all. I knew this time would come, I saw it approaching miles ahead. But now that it's here, I'm still taken aback by the work-life balance challenge.

This morning is a perfect example. I've been working on a project that could only be accomplished from our home computer, a MAC with considerably more user function than my office PC. I woke at 5:00am with the grand plan of wrapping up the project before the turtle woke up. All went well until it was time to press save and I realized that I had wasted 90 minutes creating something that was lovely on the MAC - if that's where it lived- FOREVER but was a mess when I tried to send it anywhere else. I freaked out. Only because those were 90 minutes I could have spent doing half a dozen other things - most importantly snuggling with my little boy.

I tried to think where I went wrong with my planning - and I think the first misstep was bringing my work home. But this time of year, I just don't know how to avoid it. But, even at home I have to carve out these special pockets of time where I can work uninterrupted. If not, I spend time multi-tasking which leads to nothing to but multi-mediocrity.

In any case, between work, turtle time, skyping with grandparents, paying the bills, reading the news, doing the laundry, helping Chris where I can...I just don't have the brain power left to blog.

I know I'll become better at this working mama thing. I know I will. But right now, it's sort of wearing me out.

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