Saturday, April 16, 2011

turtle's excellent taste

The turtle has, as one friend put it, an impressive palette. Sure, he likes the typical toddler food. Each morning he has a banana - of which by the way he recognizes the sign. We enter the kitchen and I sign "eat banana?" and he immediately looks at the fruit basket, knowing that part of his breakfast is inside. He also enjoys cereal, scrambled eggs, applesauce and white rice. And, as I've mentioned before, he's crazy for Happy Baby's Organic Puffs. And I mean certifiably crazy for them.

But when it comes to meals, Chis and I are taking an "eat what we eat" approach and as a result there's a lot of variety in our little guy's menu. And he has excellent taste. A few favorites: lasagna, pad thai, curry chicken salad, braised short ribs and zucchini risotto with Parmesan cheese. 

I assume a fair amount of our success is the result of Chris' excellent cooking - I haven't met anyone who didn't jump at the chance to join us for dinner. But I also think taking advantage of the turtle's natural curiosity and desire to imitate has been a factor. He wants to copy us: what we say; what we do; and what we eat.

I know we make a lot of mistakes. I take work home. We watch too much television.  We're almost always "plugged in." But if there's one thing we do right, we make an effort to sit down every night, the three of us, and share a meal.

*On a side note and related to my previous post: our goal to share dinner -more a value than a goal- might be one of the reasons my "late nights" are so hard.*

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