Friday, April 15, 2011

woes of a working mom

I work at least one "late night" a week. A late night meaning a 10 hour day with student contact until 7:00. Now to be honest, I've never loved my late nights. My best work is in the morning when I'm alert and efficient. And, after 3:00 I'm running on fumes and decaf coffee (which clearly does little to offer a pick-me-up). But now that I have the turtle, those late nights are becoming increasingly more uncomfortable. Sure there is the greedy part of me, that just wants to a few good hours with my little guy before he goes to bed. But more importantly, we've created a pretty solid evening routine, that begins around 6:00. When I don't walk in the door until 8- everything is thrown off kilter.

Sure, I've been doing this now for ten months - since the end of my maternity leave. But it wasn't until this season that I looked at the weeks and months ahead and saw that my "late nights" will become more the rule than the exception.

I know. I know. I'm lucky to have a job, not to mention one I like. And yes there are certainly mamas with more challenging work and life situations than this. Mamas working graveyard shift; mamas fighting a war thousands of miles away from home. Not to mention the mamas that make up the American working poor - who probably work harder than I ever have for dimes to my dollar. Yes, I am very aware of my blessings. Even so - this is my world.

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