Sunday, May 8, 2011

my little cruiser

The turtle's birth class buddies are walking. But in typical turtle style, my little guy is waiting until he knows exactly how to take that first step before he does. Now this isn't to say he's not getting around. Oh no, the turtle has no problem getting to where he wants to go. He's obviously a great crawler, but he likes to be on his feet, so he spends a fair amount of time cruising from chair to couch to ottoman. He pulls himself up using whatever is handy - a stool, the stroller, a leg. And, if you don't call too much attention to it, he's able to stand unsupported.

Now there are times where pulling himself up isn't enough. And in those moments he'll sit on his knees, look at me with those giant brown eyes and he'll ask "Up? Up? Up?" And how could ever deny such a sweet little request?

Nonetheless, "is he walking?" is of course the most popular question now that the turtle has hit the one-year mark. And depending on who's asking, I'm fully prepared for that "oh really?" look when I simply say, "Not yet." But I don't really care. I suppose one of the benefits of being an older first-time parent is a degree of confidence that I may not have had ten years ago. Like the woman at Stride Rite told Chris, "Don't you worry honey, by the time he's off to college I got no doubt, your son will be walkin' and speakin' in full sentences."

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