Tuesday, May 24, 2011

my turtle's library

My friends threw me a book shower just days before I went into labor. So the turtle started his life with a fairly nice collection of books. And in a year and change, his collection has grown. Not only that but we visit the public library at least once a month, more often twice. And, he loves books, actually gravitating toward them more so than any of his other toys. Early on he enjoyed chewing on the covers and ripping the pages (we of course tried to keep him from this activity whenever possible) but now, he actually sits and "reads." He'll open the cover and turn the pages. And every once in a while he'll look up and comment on something he's seen. I would love to know what he's saying.

Chris and I also make a point to read to the turtle every day. Some of our board books are:

My Many Colored Days. The turtle especially loves the "gray day" and gets a kick out of the big gray eyes that stare back at him from the page.

Good Night Little Bear: A Sleepy Time Tale. We read this every night before the turtle goes to bed. And I love to watch him anticipate the last page which reads "because hugging is the best." I give him a big bear hug as I say this and he just squeals with delight. It might be my best moment of every day.

Guess How Much I Love You? The thing I love most about this book is that big nutbrown hare is a daddy. And how many books are there where daddy is front and center as the primary care-giver?

As a little girl I was enchanted with Little House on the Prairie, Anne of Green Gables, and Little Women. But, I never read The Jungle Book or Treasure Island. I am hopeful that the turtle, like his mom and dad, will continue his love affair with books so I can see these tales for the first time, through his eyes.

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  1. I think giving books as gifts are the best. Starting the kids off very young. It is a great way to bond with a child. Some people make special voices for the characters. I loved to read them bedtime stories. One of my favorites was Goodnight, Moon! My husband read Treasure Island and other classics that I can't recall. Darn. Have lots of fun and Happy Reading.