Wednesday, May 18, 2011

sick baby equals tired mama

Last night was the third night in a row we fought the croup. Not only is the cough keeping him up but our turtle is such a cuddle bug, that the only way he "feels better" is by being held. So last night after he took his bath and I put him in his pajamas, I set him down long enough to take care of the diaper, and my little guy immediately dropped his chin against his chest and began to whimper. What can I say, I'm 30-something and I want my mama when I'm sick, why should the turtle be any different.

But last night was the worst. The turtle went to bed around 7:45 but woke up at 9:30, stuffy and uncomfortable. I tried to rock him back to sleep, but he just couldn't find a "comfy enough position" to get there and in fact we were up and down until almost 4:00. Chris asked this morning why I didn't let him "take a shift" but I've just felt so bad about leaving my sick boy at home the last few days, I genuinely wanted to be one to get him through the night.

So, I'm exhausted. I've skipped yoga the last two days so I could steal back at least an extra hour of sleep. But, it's not enough. I'm just really hoping my little guy starts feeling better soon.

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