Saturday, May 14, 2011

signing, talking and more

You wouldn't know it from how little I've written, but it has been an exciting couple of weeks. In fact, we've reached some pretty monumental milestones in just the last few days. For starters, the turtle learned his first sign - "cookie". We've been signing since he was about six months and it's been apparent that he as understood certain signs: "banana" "milk" and "sleep" for a while, but he's never attempted to sign back. Then the other day, after dinner, the turtle began running his fingers against the inside of his open palm. Either Chris or I said the other, "do you think he wants a cookie?" and in fact as soon as Chris went into the pantry and returned with the box of alphabet cookies, the turtle lit up. We should have known right?

Then yesterday, as we were reading Baby Einstein: My First Book of Numbers, the turtle pointed to a picture of a crawling baby and said, you guessed it, "baby." At first I thought it was a coincidence. He's been saying mama and dada for a while now, though I still wasn't convinced he was really attributing either of those words to me and Chris. But in fact when I returned to the picture after letting a few minutes pass he pointed and again said, "baby."

Another "big event" in the life of the turtle was his first full day spent with a sitter. Though we've had very generous friends sit with our little guy for a couple of hours while we got away to grab a movie etc., we've never hired a "professional." So when Chris had to be on set yesterday, we decided to jump into the crazy world of NYC childcare. After a lot research and referrals, we decided to go through Sitter Studio a community of performing and visual artists who provide what they coin, "artsitting." Not only are they trained, CPR certified, and fully insured and bonded but they commit to engaging your child in creative and age appropriate activities. Dawn, a fiction writer and collage artist, spent the day playing and painting with the turtle and we couldn't have been happier.

Obviously, I haven't been great about keeping this blog to date, and I promise my readers to make it more of a priority. In the mean time just know that all is going well. No walking - but lots of signing, talking and more. And quite frankly most of my days are spent experiencing rather than reflecting on motherhood.

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