Thursday, May 19, 2011

throwing kisses

Sometimes I look at my little guy and I think, "Where did you learn that?" And, of course, we realize, he's learning that, whatever that is, from us. Like brushing his teeth and rinsing his hair. But I think, by far, the cutest thing he has learned, really on his own, is to throw kisses. I spend a lot of time repeating things with the turtle. Things like, "What does the cow say?" or "Where is mama's nose?" But I haven't focused much on throwing kisses, mostly because I'm far too fond of the real deal - actual turtle kisses- to waste precious time on the throw aways! But some how he has learned. And what can I say; throwing kisses works in our family. After all we spend a lot of time talking to the grandmas and grandpas in the computer (aaaahhh the wonder of Skype) and for now those are the only kisses they get.

1 comment:

  1. I like that you call your child turtle. I used to call my kids baby turtles. Kisses. I also prefer the real ones myself. I would kiss them as often as I could. I would kiss them goodbye and then throw kisses their way until they were out of sight. Saying goodnight was the same way. Enjoyed your post. It made me smile with memories.