Sunday, June 5, 2011

second-hand treasures

Long before I began thinking about living simply (a battle far from won) I began my love affair with thrift shops. I'm fond of both hand-me-downs and a great bargain, both which come together beautifully at a second-hand store. And, here in New York, good thrift shops abound. After all, there's always a wealthy stylish woman with too many things in her Manhattan closet.

Over the years I've acquired a few wonderful pieces: a black velvet blazer, an Indian tunic, and a full-length mandarin Cheongsam. And I've even sold Chris, to a certain degree, on the merits of second-hand shopping. Just this weekend, he came home with a rocking horse for the turtle, something we couldn't have justified buying at full price, but which our little guy obviously adores. Just another thing to add to our list of second-hand treasures.

1 comment:

  1. Many treasures can be uncovered in places like the thrift stores.

    My husband gets his work clothes there. They are inexpensive and some are very durable.

    In times like these the thrift stores are a blessing!