Friday, July 15, 2011

paris playgrounds

My favorite moments while abroad included:
  • Winding down at the Rijks museum
  • Hanging out in Rodin's rose garden
  • Playing in the fountains outside the Louvre
  • Eating crepes at a cafe in Montemarte and 
  • Wasting time in a Paris playground.

If there's one thing we learned was that when traveling with a toddler you have to set aside plenty of time get the wriggles out.

The turtle was an angel. He explored the canals of Amsterdam, even walked through the streets of the red light district. He hung out in cheese shops, bookstores and museums. He toured Versailles. Meltdowns were few and far between (in fact grandpa ensured us that they weren't meltdowns at all).  The turtle was just happy to be out of doors, with family, and surrounded by good food and things to see.

All of that said, it was important that we took time away from the "must dos" to just be. And in the end, it was those precious smaller moments that I will never forget. 

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  1. What a wonderful vacation for you and your family!!