Thursday, August 25, 2011

night terrors

The turtle has had uncontrollable fits of crying over the last couple of days. They're usually when he wakes up from a long stretch of sleep. He's hysterical. He cries, pushes away from us, kicks our chests, the blankets, the floor. And our only answer is to just to shush quietly and hold tightly until he realizes he's okay.

It's just such odd behavior given how happy and well adjusted he is during the rest of the day. Other than the occasional milk tantrum, the turtle is pretty agreeable. He engages in conversations, plays well both with others and on his own. He loves to be outside, to meet new people. And he's as content reading a book as he is running around the playground. But something happens while he's asleep to throw him for a loop.

From what we gather, we think he's experiencing night terrors. Which could be caused by any number of things from sleep deprivation to too much sleep (helpful right?). Now of course I write all of this as my turtle is sleeping soundly in his bed at 6:45am. Yup - just when you think you've got it all figured it out. Things change.

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