Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The turtle is a warm, happy, loving boy - but he definitely has opinions about things. Am I surprised? Not really, after all he's the son of the two most opinionated people around. Chris and I argued for 20 minutes about whether college athletes should be paid - and we were on the same side of the issue!

So what is my little guy most opinionated about these days? Music. He wants to dance at will, which means music should be on at all times. As such, he has figured out how to hit play on my iphone (even from the "off" position). Milk. If we had space in our apartment, we'd buy a cow. Given the amount of milk we consume a day, I have no doubt it would be a wise investment (much wiser than that alternative transportation stock we bought last year!) Seriously, the turtle lets us know when he wants his milk and how he wants it. He walks around the house hand in air, signing, "milk" saying, "bottle. bottle. bottle." And if we give him water instead or worse, give him milk in a sippy cup, we get an ugly glimpse of what the terrible twos have in store. Lullabies. The turtle loves to sing and dance but there are certain songs that are reserved for bedtime, and it's not until we start singing those songs that he'll really settle in. I still sing, "You are my sunshine" after his bath while putting on his pjs and I sing an "ABCs/Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" mash up as he falls asleep.  Toys. The turtle is finally identifying his favorites. On the list are: Kermit, Jacques (a little prince puppet that we bought in Paris), his lamb pillow, uno cards, and music makers.

I sometimes miss my newborn but my little turtle gets more curious and adventurous every day and though Chris and I are sometimes a little worn out, we are having the time of our lives.

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