Monday, September 26, 2011

my new ambassador

Weekend walks are the highlight of my week. Regardless of how crazy things are, we manage to find some time, usually as a family, to get outside and stroll through the neighborhood. We often have a specific goal in mind: drop off the mail; visit the market; return library books. But sometimes, we head out without a destination.

The last couple of weeks its become clear that regardless of the walk's purpose, we need to include lots of time to feed into turtle temptations. The turtle is now at the age, where we take him out of the stroller or the carrier and let him explore the neighborhood on his own two feet; which requires a careful eye and a good amount of patience because everything is interesting to an eighteen month old.

Yesterday it took us twenty minutes to walk a block because we had to stop to climb steps, touch water drains, circle garbage cans, dig up dirt, and stare through the glass doors of the Korean-American Christian Church on the corner (fortunately, service was not in session.) The turtle has a special interest in bakeries and bodegas. He things that every fruit stand is an invitation to touch and every open door is an invitation to enter. It's wonderful to experience a toddler's world; a world where the red of a tomato is awesome and the feel of concrete on your fingertips is a thrill.

It's a great reminder of what an incredible place we live. Yes, in spite of trashy celebrity and political apathy the world is full of beautiful, awe-inspiring wonder that only a child can find and share and I feel lucky to have the turtle as my new ambassador.

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