Friday, September 2, 2011

new working hours

Like I told a colleague last night, "I'm thrilled. Ok, not as thrilled as I would be if I could work from home in my pajamas. But pretty darn thrilled." The thing is, the forces have aligned. One of my colleagues retired. And she had, for years, been holding early morning meetings. And now that she has transitioned out of the role, there is a void. And I'm filling the void. As such my work-day is now Monday-Wednesday 8:00-4:00, Thursday 8:00-6:00 and Fridays 8:00-3:00 (or even 2:00, depending on how I manage my student contact and administrative time.)

Sure, just there being as much structure as there is tends to be a little suffocating. I've always worked in an office environment but within the context of higher education. And, in many cases, it was a work 'til the work is done attitude. Which meant a lot of long days, sure,  but there was some flexibility as well. I never felt like I was "punching in" the way I do in my current position. Now, I'm not complaining. I'm now a union girl, and there are amazing benefits of being in a well-defined, highly-structured environment. But it doesn't always lend itself to a great work-life balance. That said, I think these new working hours will help.

What it means is I get home to my boys earlier. Meaning Chris has some daylight hours to do the things he needs to do, and I get one more waking hours with the turtle.

We'll see how it works, once I move into my crazy spring schedule, when my days are taken over by new student events. But, I'm going to cross that bridge when it comes. Right now, I'll just enjoy.

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