Tuesday, September 6, 2011


renovate: to restore to life, vigor, or activity.

We are renovating our home. Not in the traditional sense. After all, we're renters, and how much do you really want to put into a rented home; especially one you don't anticipate living in much longer. But we are definitely trying to restore life, vigor and activity into our living space. 

Less clutter and a new coat of paint can and will do wonders. Just this weekend, Chris repainted our study. It had been a dark chocolate brown since moving in. And though we're both huge fans of brown, it just wasn't creating an energy to inspire. It is now a lovely antique blue; a bit french country. I look at it and think wildflowers and clotheslines. Now of course, once all of our "stuff" makes it's way back in there, I'll hardly feel so connected to nature. But that leads us to less clutter. 

Chris and I de-clutter constantly. But this time, we're being serious about it. We're selling or giving away clothes, books, and artwork. We're trying to make room in our life for living. It won't happen over night, of that I'm perfectly aware. But it's a move in the right direction. 

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