Monday, October 31, 2011

am i ready to take "bein' crunchy" to the next level?

This weekend, Chris, the turtle and I stumbled on an indoor composting workshop. It was being held at our favorite neighborhood coffee shop; and being led by the Astoria CSA. We have thought a lot about composting, but didn't think it was feasible given that we don't have outdoor space. But, we should have known that crunchy New Yorkers had a solution. We can, in fact, build an indoor  composting bin. That's right - indoors!

Okay, I too was thinking, really? What a mess! But truth is, if you follow careful instructions, you can have an organized odor-free bin right in your kitchen. But what about the worms? Yes, just like an outdoor composting bin, you gotta have worms. But hell, I'm the mama of a little boy, I'm sure we'll house a whole list of creepy-crawlers in the next ten to fifteen years. So what are a couple of worms?

So, I think we're going to do it. I think we're going to start composting right here in the middle of Astoria, Queens. Pretty cool eh? I'll keep you posted.

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