Saturday, October 8, 2011

turtles have to swim

I love to swim. I love the sense of weightlessness and the way that the water muffles sound. The only thing I wish is that I was a better swimmer. So enrolling the turtle in swimming lessons was a no-brainer.

What surprised me was how much he hated the pool; really, truly hated it.

Keep in mind our pool (located at our neighborhood gym and recreation center) serves a good sized community, and on Saturday mornings practically every child in Queens shows up for a swim lesson. And my little guy, as friendly as he is, isn't crazy about crowds (he's his mama's son). So his teacher and I quickly surmised that this was the source of his anxiety. She encouraged me not to give up, but after two weeks of tears, I was pretty close.

Then my mum came into town and with a lovely combination of patience and creativity she showed me how to use bath time to help the turtle overcome his fears. So after a great deal of splashing at home, he was much better prepared for the water, noise and movement. And now, three weeks following mum's visit, I have a little boy who actually enjoys swimming.

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