Tuesday, October 11, 2011

how green are we?

Anyone who reads TheActorsWife on a semi-regular basis knows that one of my family's aims is to simplify and "greenify" our life. So the question is, "how green are we?"

We've made the following strides:
We juice
We have a paper-free kitchen and
A mostly paper-free nursery
We wash in cold (except diapers)
We cloth diaper
We're car-free and
Dishwasher-free and
We consume organic/free-range milk and dairy
We're a one-television home
We visit the public library and
Read the paper online
We filter our water and make our coffee at home
We re-use mason jars and sandwich bags and
Take our own bags to the store
We recycle
How do I go green?
There's more we could do. We could be more cognizant about buying in season. We could join a CSA. We could unplug more often.  I would love to compost and a have a clothes line.

Inspire me. What "green choices" do you make?

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