Friday, October 21, 2011

the seasons of one year

I would love to design my family's calendar around the seasons of one year. Every three to four months we would move from one of our favorite cities to another; and with each move our environment and our focus would change.

Fall - New York City - Work
Perhaps it's because I have spent my life in education, but the fall has always been, for me, a time of new beginnings. It's the perfect season to detox, renew, and rejuvenate.I am most creative this time of year and would love to spend it at "home" in New York.Our focus would be work. Chris and I would write, teach and network. We would connect with friends and colleagues. We would teach the turtle American History, Urban Planning, and Sociology. We would take weekend trips to D.C., Philadelphia and Boston where we would waste away the hours at libraries and museums.

Winter - Boulder - Celebrate
As the holidays approached, we would pack up our little family and head west. Over the next three months we would live just outside Boulder, Colorado, where we would be perfectly happy to spend weekends "snowed in" baking, playing board games, and watching movies. Our purpose would be to celebrate nature, the holidays,  family, and each other.  And, the turtle's classroom would be outdoors where he'd learn to ice-fish and snow-show. He'd study ecosystems, geology, and evolution.

Spring - Amsterdam - Learn
As the weather warmed, we would move on to Amsterdam and for the next few months we would read and study. We'd spend the weekends riding our bikes along the canals and strolling through art galleries and farmers' markets. I might finally learn to knit and sew. And the turtle's lessons would focus on history, agriculture, mathematics and economics.

Summer - Paris - Play
Our summer would be reserved for my favorite city in the world - Paris. It is here we would slow down, and move through the days without an agenda. We'd go to concerts, festivals and lectures. We would eat too much and play too hard while my turtle studied art, languages, religion and music. 

Yes, that is my ideal life.

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  1. I would love to spend a spring (or summer) in Amsterdam biking around with my children too, and maybe taking the train around Europe and eating many, many baked goods. One day I *will* do this.