Saturday, October 15, 2011

what mama's learning at swim class (and it's not how to swim!)

The turtle has been taking swim lessons since mid September.

The first few weeks were rough; he hated the water, the splashing, the noise, the "big kids" doing laps. But he's gotten better, and the last three weeks have been tear-free. Nonetheless, there are still things he downright refuses to do. He'll kick, he'll glide, but he won't dunk and he won't blow bubbles. And as we headed to the rec center this morning, dreading the "test" that would determine whether we would advance to mommy and me swim two or retake mommy and me one, I was prepared for the turtle to be the only kid that didn't advance. As the turtle would say, "yucky" that was an awful feeling.

But I had to get over it. I mean, who the hell really cares whether my 19 month old is promoted to the next class- it's swimming not science. But you know what, even if it were, so what? Swim class has taught me a lesson. I learned that despite my attempt at being "cool" I do in fact have a little bit of the "I want my kid to be the best kid in the bunch" disease, and I need to find an instant cure, because I dont want the turtle to catch it. I want the turtle to love trying new things without the fear of failure.

So, do you want to know how my little guy did on the test? Too bad. I'm not going to tell you.

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